Free Texas Accident Report

“Don’t Get Ripped Off”

If you’ve been in an accident, you’re in more danger than you know!

Free Texas Accident Report Explains All!

As you read further down the page, you will begin to understand how vulnerable you are after an accident and how unscrupulous insurance agents, doctors, and lawyers will take advantage of that.

Lets face it, what you really need if you have been in an accident is information. You probably have questions. For example, you may be getting calls from the insurance companies (or, for goodness sake, lawyers).

Should you talk to the insurance company? What about YOUR insurance company?

Should you sign that form the insurance company sends over?

The last thing you need after you have been involved in an accident is a high pressure sales job in a “free consultation.”

The insurance company representative may be calling you right now, trying to get a recorded statement. You may be giving up important rights if you give them a statement before you read our free report!

“Doctors” may be calling you telling you that they work with the insurance company and you need to come in to them for treatment. Don’t fall for it!

Lawyers may be shouting at you on TV with promises of big money – don’t believe any of it until you’ve read this valuable report

A new book, written by Andrew Traub, an attorney with experience battling the insurance companies, will arm you with the inside secrets you need before hiring a lawyer or dealing with the insurance company alone.

If you have been injured in an accident you should read this valuable information before calling for that first “free consultation.” (You know, the consultation that everyone offers for “free” like it’s some big deal. What’s so special about that?)

Andrew Traub says that he is sick and tired of insurance companies taking advantage of people before they have access to this information.

After sitting down in your own home and reading our book you’ll know:

  • Why a quick settlement can be a GIANT mistake;
  • What “service” provided by some lawyers can be the kiss of death to your claim (some of our competitors really hate this section, but it reveals the truth);
  • Why some lawyers insist that a one-third fee (or sometimes 40%!) is standard while others charge as little at 25% of the recovery;
  • Why a respected local judge called a chiropractor a “hired gun” after the claimant’s lawyer committed one of the Seven Deadly Sins
  • What document you should NEVER SIGN for an insurance company;
  • How, even if you have been involved in prior accidents, you can prevent your past from coming back to haunt you;
  • Why your accident lawyer may need to be an expert in ERISA (try this: ask your lawyer how many ERISA cases he or she has handled.)

PLUS, you’ll get a ton of tips on how to find the right lawyer for your case (and protect yourself from all of the lawyer ads and websites that don’t give you any useful information about how to choose a lawyer.)

Get this vital information free before you speak to any lawyers and before you speak to anyone from the insurance company.

This report will be mailed to you by first class mail. You will also get a bonus report called “How to Buy Car Insurance” a free CD interview with even more information on what to do after you’ve been in an accident, and information sent by email that you can use right now.

YES, please send me your free special report revealing information I need to know about my accident claim before I speak to the insurance company or hire a lawyer for only $4.99 to cover shipping and handling. I understand I will also be sent daily tips by email to help me decide how to make my claim.

Free Texas Accident Report

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**Sorry, because of the nature of this information, it is not available to insurance company employees. Before mailing the report, we will call you to verify your mailing address and that you are not working for the insurance industry.

If you need to speak to a lawyer right now, you might as well call Andrew Traub, the attorney who wrote the book on Texas Accidents – call (512) 246-9191.

* The Bar Association cringes when lawyers “guarantee” anything because lawyers aren’t supposed to offer guarantees. We break the rules and GUARANTEE this: you will be a more informed consumer of legal services and better able to deal with the giant insurance company after you read our book (and you just might be able to settle your case without paying a lawyer.)